Ring Size Guide

Please note that our rings are based on the Japanese ring size standard. Here is a ring size conversion chart for your reference.

*You can find the full version of the ring size conversion chart in the link below:

□How to measure your ring size

1. Prepare a string or thread and a ruler or a measuring tape
2. Wrap the thread or a strip of paper around the thickest part of the finger to measure the circumference
3. Cut the string or thread to the point where it goes all the way around the finger, and measure its length
4. Check the closest ring size on the ring size conversion chart

*You may also use a strip of paper instead of strings and threads, however, make sure not to leave any space in between
*To find out a more accurate ring size, we recommend using the ring sizer 

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us from the contact form.